Hoag Functional Medicine Membership

The Hoag Functional Membership

We currently accept PPO insurance only. PPO insurance is billed for clinical, in-person time spent for those patient’s who are active members in the monthly Functional Medicine Program. All other costs are out of pocket and not subject to insurance billing including care coordination, some specialty labs, nutritionist, health coach and exercise physiologist time. 

Patient Set Up and Analysis
Initiation Fee: $1,495
Clinical Care Coordinator Assigned to Guide You through the Process
Timeline Review
Gathering of Past Medical History/Work Up and Current State of Health and Symptoms
Nutrition Review with Functional Medicine Nutritionist
Your Medical History Reviewed by Functional Medicine Team
Food Plan/Diet Guidance with Registered Dietician
Exercise evaluation with the Exercise Physiologist
Membership Program
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $495/mo
Consultations with FM Nutritionist
Email and Phone Support In-Between Your Visits
Discounted Personalized Supplement Regimen
Ongoing Exercise, Lifestyle and Stress Management Protocols
Access to Other Offerings through the Functional Medicine Program
Member FAQs



  • Do you take insurance? expand_more

    Yes. We take PPO and Medicare insurance. Insurance covers the basics, like annual labs, office visits, and annual physical exams. It does not cover the initial set-up fee or the monthly program maintenance fee.
    The one-time initiation fee of $1,495 is not covered by insurance. This cost covers program benefits like an assigned clinical care coordinator, personalized health history analysis, nutrition plan, and fitness evaluation from our exercise physiologist.
    The monthly program fee of $495 is also not covered by insurance. This cost covers ongoing consultations with our functional medicine nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and other lifestyle management protocols. It also gives you exclusive access to other program benefits like email and phone support, discounts to supplement regimens, and other personalized wellness plans.
    There may also be additional lab testing and imaging that your insurance may not cover. Our clinical care coordinator will give you more detailed information on out-of-pocket costs.

  • What is included in the initiation fee and why can’t that be billed to insurance. expand_more

    The initiation fee covers the gathering of your health information and review with a member of our Functional Medicine team. It also includes your food plan with a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and assessment time with an Exercise Physiologist. Due to our contracts with insurance companies and Medicare, we are required to bill insurance for all visits with Dr. Judd, your Functional Medicine practitioner.

  • Can I just see Dr. Judd instead of the rest of the team? expand_more

    No. The success behind the program is rooted in the comprehensive team approach.

  • Can I see Dr. Judd as my primary doctor? expand_more

    No, our mission is to learn what caused your symptoms and allow you to apply solutions to your life. Our goal is to empower you to take charge of your health without needing to see us for ongoing care.

  • How do I get started? expand_more

    Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or fill out the survey above at the “Get Started” link.

  • How does Hoag make this Functional Medicine program better? expand_more

    We have a hybrid model, so we can utilize your insurance, collaborate with your primary care physician, and specialists. If you already use Hoag hospital or other Hoag physicians, you can use the same patient portal, and your records are in one spot.

    We spend more time with our patients. We also have a team that works together on each patient, which includes evaluations in nutrition, exercise, and brain function.


  • How involved is the patient in making decisions about their treatment plan in the functional medicine program? expand_more

    You are involved in every decision along the journey. The program requires commitment, dedication, and a willingness to change your lifestyle.

  • How long does it take to feel better or to start seeing results? expand_more

    Everyone is different. It depends on each patient’s level of dysfunction, commitment, and consistency with lifestyle changes.

  • What conditions are most common among your patients? expand_more

    We help with a variety of conditions. The most common conditions we see are gastrointestinal, autoimmune, hormone, thyroid, performance optimization, infertility, and biohacking.

  • Will I need to continue seeing my other specialists? expand_more

    Yes, but we work with your specialists as needed.

  • What is one thing most people don't know about Functional Medicine? expand_more

    Functional medicine is founded in science. Even though many sources describe it as holistic or alternative medicine, it is science-based. The main difference is that we treat systems rather than the traditional medicine approach of treating symptoms.

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Dr. Judd sees patients as a specialist only and does not take on primary care patients.

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